Monthly Archives: February 2009

35 & 35

Wow…Today I’m 35 weeks pregnant and there are 35 days left until Will’s due date. How crazy is that?!View full post »

So Sick :(

I started coughing on Tuesday and barely managed to make it through the day on Wednesday. I kept telling myself I justView full post »

34 Weeks

Yesterday marked 34 weeks in my pregnancy…6 left to go before my due date and only 3 until he’s consideredView full post »


Will has the hiccups right now…for the third time today! He gets the hiccups – sometimesView full post »

33 weeks

Will is still growing away in there! There isn’t a whole lot of new things happening this week – mainly justView full post »

Dear Will,

Hi sweet little boy. I wanted to write just to you today because your time to snuggle up inside me is quickly coming toView full post »

32 weeks

I know I say this all the time, but time is flying by so fast. I’m sure it’s because I’m working andView full post »