The Future

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything over here – life has been very busy! March 7, 2016, we welcomed our third little boy, Joshua Gray. He is an absolute joy and we are settling into the rhythm of having three children nicely. It honestly has been an easier transition to go from two children to three than it was to go from one child to two…it may be because there’s less space between our second and third, so we didn’t feel like we were completely starting over. Either way, it’s been an absolutely wonderful six months with this sweet little guy in our lives!

118_joshua_newbornPhoto Credit: Lyndsay Stradtner of Life in Motion Photography

I have been on maternity leave since January and it has been wonderful being at home with our family on the weekends, spending time with my husband in the evening after the kids go to bed (when I’d normally be editing) and “just” being a stay at home mom. My husband and I have felt God nudging us to have me take a step back from photography for a couple of years, but we have put it off for a variety of reasons, the main one being that it just doesn’t make “sense.” Well, we’ve since realized that sometimes, the things God calls you to just don’t make a lot of sense by the world’s standards! After lots and lots of prayer, I have decided to extend my maternity leave permanently and close down Libby Ann Photography. God has really shown us what a blessing this will be for our family and has faithfully been providing for us without my income.

I will definitely miss my business…it is not easy to walk away from something I’ve spent over seven years pouring myself into! But the thing I will miss the most is my clients. I have been so blessed to work with some of the most incredible families in the Austin area. It has been a joy to meet new families and help capture memories for you all! There are so many of you that started out as clients and have turned into wonderful friends after seven years of photographing your families. I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your sessions each year and allowing me to develop a bond with your families. Those relationships are so special to me and I will cherish them forever.

At the same time, I am incredibly excited to see where God leads our family. I know He has great things in store for us and I pray that I am able to glorify Him with my life on Earth. I am going to keep my website around and hopefully start blogging regularly about what we’re up to…no promises, because three kids is a little crazy, y’all…but I’d love to keep this page up to date with our adventures.



Thank you so much for the last seven years. These have been some of the greatest of my life and I am so, so thankful to each and every one of my clients for making my business possible! If you’re not already, I’d love to have you follow me on Instagram (@libbyann822) so I can follow you back and keep up with your families and your adventures!

Alejandra Rodriguez - Congratulations on your new chapter as “only” stay at home mom. Enjoys your babies and your husband. I am very thankful for the wonderful moments you captured for us and wish you all the happiness and best luck in all your adventures!

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