About Libby


I’m Libby. And I’m really, really terrible at writing these things. So I’m going to sum myself up in 50 words or less. I…love God. Love my husband. Love my two boys (Will & Jack). Love photography. Love autumn. Love running. Love afternoon thunderstorms. Love to lift weights. Love newborns. Love ice cream. Love horseback riding. Love vanilla lattes. Love Texas. Love Halloween. Love to bake. Love lazy Saturdays. Love hope. Love to read (especially cheesy, young adult fiction). Love the hottest days of summer. Love to laugh. I love love.

Okay, so that certainly wasn’t 50 words, but that most definitely is me in a nutshell! I’m the face behind the camera of Libby Ann Photography and I am so excited to preserve your family memories! I have owned Libby Ann Photography for five years and it’s been such an incredible journey, even with the bumps along the way!

My clients often ask me why I love photography…I love it because I get to document seconds of life. Real life that is constantly in motion and ever changing. I get to stop time with my lens. I never realized how fast time moves until I became a mom myself. There was this tiny new life in front of me, and every day he was changing. I desperately wanted a pause button to life so I could savor every ounce of my child. Of course that isn’t possible, and as time moved on, all I was left with were photographs of the memories I held so dear.

It’s fleeting memories like the flaking skin on day-old baby hands and the wrinkly newborn that I want to be able to capture and preserve for your family. The look of delight in a child’s eyes as she picks a flower from the ground. The mischievous grin of a boy getting ready to do something silly.The loving touch of a brand new mother. These moments are precious and real and deserve to be caught as they happen and forever remembered.