Austin Newborn Photographer | Boy or Girl?

At a good number of my newborn sessions, one of the parents will make a comment like, “Oh my gosh, you must have so much patience to work with newborns like this!” And I always smile and nod, because when I’m working with tiny little people that have the softest skin and the cutest grunts and the most adorable chub I am a patient person. But in any other area of my life? Not so much. I consistently drive 5 miles over the speed limit. I get annoyed when I have to wait too long in line. You know, things like that. My husband is the complete opposite of me in this regard and sometimes he drives me batty…I mean, is it REALLY necessary to cut your hair an hour before church starts? I think not. (kidding, babe! Well…kind of!) When it comes to finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl, I lose every ounce of patience I have. If I could pee on something the second I know I’m pregnant and have it tell me if I’m having a boy or a girl, I’d pay enormous amounts of money for it. And then my ever-so-patient husband would likely kill meΒ Β  πŸ˜‰

Next week, we get to find out if the little peanut above is a boy or a girl. And ohmygosh, I can.not.wait. We’ve had all kinds of guesses and I’d say about 90% of those guesses settle on girl. I really don’t care what we have as long as our sweet little baby is healthy! The idea of having a daughter is pretty amazing – knowing that someday I could have the same kind of relationship with her that I have with my mom makes me so excited. And all the pink, lace, and ruffles that are overwhelmingly cute make the idea of having a girl even a little sweeter…but then the idea of having a boy that loves his mama like my first boy does makes my heart melt. Knowing that the baby in my tummy could quite possibly be Will’s best man in his wedding some day makes me tear up. So either way it swings, I’m going to be deliriously happy.

But I am curious to know what you guys think! Here’s how the wives tales add up:

Heartbeat Myth: If the baby’s heartbeat is greater than 140, it is a girl. 140 or lower is a boy.
Verdict: Girl. I have a doppler at home and baby’s heartbeat is consistently in the 150s-160s.

Morning Sickness Myth: If you’re really sick, you’re having a girl. If you’re not, you’re having a boy.
Verdict: Girl. I’m still sick a couple times a week, yuck! I had absolutely no morning sickness with Will, not even nausea.

Sweet & Sour Myth: If you crave sweet, it’s a girl. Salty, a boy.
Verdict: Unsure. Until just a few weeks ago, food in and of itself was a pretty big turnoff. At times pickles tasted great (and not so great later, if you know what I mean) and other times ice cream has been a big hit.

Chinese Gender Chart: Uses month of conception and age at conception to predict gender.
Verdict: Boy. The Chinese Gender Chart has failed me before though, predicting Will was a girl!

Baking Soda Myth: If the baking soda foams up after peeing on it, it’s a boy. If not, it’s a girl.
Verdict: Girl.

Clear Skin Myth: If you’re breaking out a lot, you’re having a girl. If not, you’re having a boy.
Verdict: Boy. Although I broke out like crazy with Will and he’s 100% boy!

Sibling Myth: Says that children have a special intuition when it comes to pregnancies and know if the baby is a boy or girl.
Verdict: Girl. In fact, Will has been adamant from the second he knew about his sibling that it was a girl. He will not even entertain the thought of the baby being a boy. We actually didn’t tell him I was pregnant either; he told us that God told him mommy had a baby sister in her tummy. So, um, yeah. Do what you will with that information. We think he’s a pretty special kid Β  πŸ™‚

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know! I’ll be sure to update you all next Wednesday with the news!

Kelly - I vote girl! (though Sam’s heart beat was higher than Ali’s, and I was sicker with him than I was with her…)

Bridgette M. - SO fun!! When I was pregnant with my daughter the Chinese thing totally failed me. Instead we did the trusty thread through the eraser of a pencil. Have someone hold it above your belling while laying on your back, if it goes in a circle it’s a girl. If it swings side to side, its a boy. I did this trick like 3 times throughout my pregnancy (we opted not to find out) and it said girl every time. You should try it just for fun… πŸ™‚

Stefanie - Baby Girl. The sickness/sweet&sour/heartbeat were all signs for me that ours was a girl, but I still believed it was a boy. We were all very surprised at delivery πŸ™‚ The biggest deciding factor for me would be that your son told you it’s a girl <3 That is so sweet!!

admin - That’s a fun one Bridgette – I’ll have to try that!

Amy - What fun! It sounds like Will is destined to be a fantastic big brother no matter what!

Becky - Everything points to a girl. Usually I vote for the underdog but I’d love for you to be able to tell them someday that will knew from the start.

Jennifer Jones - I think its a girl! I tried the baking soda trick too, and it acurately predicted a girl. The Chinese gender chart failed me too. Plus, who is to argue with Will?? What a cool story. Can’t wait to hear the happy news πŸ™‚

Austin Family Photographer | Snow in Texas? YES!

family in austin texas in the snow

So, were you aware that we had a freak snow storm in Austin in November? We did. And it was awesome! …okay, that’s a lie. There was no REAL snow in Austin (womp womp), but my fantastic clients who drove all the way up from Corpus Christi for their session brought her own (fake, eco friendly) snow for some pictures! And you guys? It was the best idea ever!! We had such an awesome time experimenting with the snow, using it for a snow fight, and other fun things that these Southerners don’t usually get to do. I and I *adore* how their photos turned out!

I’ve told you all before that I get really nervous photographing other photographers. But Melissa and her family made it easy and fun – such a great session. Thank you guys so much for making the trip up to Austin for some family pictures! I hope you’re enjoying them! πŸ™‚family photography in austin texas
family in austin texaslittle girl in austin texas in the snowfamily in austin texasfamily in austin texas

Jaidean - I love these! Great idea with the snow and love their outfits!

Mayur - Aww, Bri and Alison, Shes beautiful and so are your pthoos! Wonderful job done here capturing your most precious moments! So much love and joy, all the best and thanks for sharing Rach

Austin Newborn Photographer | Brodyn – 12 Days

newborn baby boy in Austin, TexasLet the blog catch-up begin! πŸ™‚ I met sweet little Brodyn back in November at just 12 days old. I always get excited on my way to newborn sessions – I adore newborns. I love posing them, making sure all their little fingers are relaxed, snuggling them in between blankets, and hearing all their tiny grunts. So meeting Brodyn was a special day for me! He was a tiny little thing and slept so, so well through all the posing…he even through a few smiles my way which I totally have a soft spot for! His mama had some of the best props I’ve ever seen made for him and his nursery was to die for…chevron and owls? Yes please!

Lauren, thank you so much for letting me photograph sweet little Brodyn! I hope you’ve been enjoying your images and your little pumpkin!newborn baby boy in Austin, Texasnewborn baby boy in Austin, Texasnewborn baby boy in Austin, Texasnewborn baby boy in Austin, Texasnewborn baby boy in Austin, Texasnewborn baby boy in Austin, Texas

Kimberly - What a sweet baby! Love all the sweet details – the bubbles, the smiles, the toes… Great session.

Jaidean - So precious! Look at those little smiles…adorable!

Austin Photographer | BIG News!

Hello 2013. I’ve been bad at blogging. Really bad. But I have a really good excuse:

Big brother announcing new baby for Libby Ann Photography

That’s right, baby #2 is on the way, due to arrive in early August! We are over the moon excited to welcome another life into our family and thrilled that everything is looking healthy and perfect with our wiggly little baby. I am selfishly thrilled that my first trimester is almost over and that my morning sickness is fading to the background. Yay for no more puking!Β  πŸ˜‰

It still seems a little surreal that inΒ  just over 6 months, I will have childREN. As in two babies; two little lives that I’m completely responsible for. I hope that’s not as scary in reality as it sounds! Since I’m (finally) rejoining the land of the living, I promise to blog more, including catching up with the sessions I missed during the craziness of a busy holiday season combined with first trimester sickness. I also have a few sweet little ones I’ve already photographed this year heading to the blog and I can’t wait to share them! My personal resolution this year is to do more (with my family), document more (of my family), and share more (of my family), so you’ll be seeing more of that crazy handsome little boy up there and his little brother or sister later this year…and maybe my wonderful, supportive husband if he’ll let me.

Scheduling for next year will be a little different, obviously. As long as everything goes according to plan, I’ll be taking off July, August, and September for maternity leave and returning to work sometime mid-October. I’ll also be scheduling less sessions each month than normal to allow myself time to prepare for this little one (because, OHMYGOSH, the nursery is a wreck right now!), spend time with my big one before he gets a new sibling and my husband before life gets just a little crazier. An update on my schedule currently:

January: Booked
February: Booked
March: 1 Signature Session, 1 Simple Session
April: 3 Signature Sessions, 2 Simple Sessions
May: 4 Signature Sessions and 3 Simple Sessions
June: 3 Signature Sessions, 1 Simple Session, and 5 Sweet Sessions
July-September: Maternity Leave
October-December: Holiday Sessions; will open booking for these sessions May 1, 2013

2012 was an amazing year. I got to meet so many wonderful families and welcome so many brand new lives with their first photo sessions…but as amazing as 2012 was, I think 2013 might be even more amazing, if that’s even possible! If you’re thinking about scheduling a session this year, or are currently pregnant and wanting a newborn session, please contact me sooner rather than later:

Kelly Gorney - Congratulations! Such wonderful, exciting news!!!!

Austin Baby Photographer | Cuteness

picture of baby girl at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas

Another one of my newborn clients came to see me several weeks ago and I just couldn’t get over how much she’d grown! She went from a teeny little thing 5 pound newborn to this absolutely adorable, chubby little baby! I had to refrain from pinching her cheeks for the entire session πŸ˜‰ Alexandra was full of the biggest gummy grins ever and has developed the cutest curl of hair right on the top of her head. I just LOVE getting to see “my” newborns grow up into beautiful babies! Brent and Jenny, thank you so much for letting me photograph Alexandra again this year! I hope you’ve been enjoying your images!

picture of baby girl at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texasfamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texasfamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texaspicture of baby girl at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas

Katherine Farshler - Oh Alex, you are adorable!!!

Kimberly - Oh My Goodness! She is adorable! What a great session.

Austin Family Photographer | Finally Fall

Family pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas

I was lucky enough to meet this absolutely gorgeous family several weeks back, right at the peak of the leaves turning for the fall in Austin. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I just LOVE all the color in these images! Miss Kinley was quite the ham for the camera and her daddy is already training her on how she should be treated. He called her gorgeous more times than I could count at their session and it totally melted my heart. H family, thank you SO much for trusting me with your family pictures this fall. I had such a great time photographing your family. I hope you guys are enjoying your images! πŸ™‚

Family pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TexasFamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TexasFamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TexasFamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TexasFamily pictures at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas

jaidean - Gorgeous! She looks like the happiest little girl! Beautiful images!

Kelly Gorney - Stunning family and gorgeous shots! You rocked it, Libby!

Austin Baby Photographer | Van

baby girl picture in austin, texas

This is Van. I met her a year ago when she was a not-so-teeny newborn with the squishiest cheeks and rolls ever. I wanted to eat her up!! It’s always bittersweet to see my newborn babies as grown up one year olds. I LOVE seeing them grow, don’t get me wrong. But it always makes me sad because certainly a year hasn’t passed since they were tiny and quite dependent on mom and dad, right? Van still has the squishiest cheeks ever and she even showed off her new walking skills for me. There’s just something about a wobbly toddler that makes me so happy. Her session was filled to the brim with huge grins, laughs, snuggles and most of all love. Kathy and Ron, thank you so much for trusting me with Van’s pictures again this year! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

baby girl picture in austin, texasbaby girl picture in austin, texasbaby girl picture in austin, texasbaby girl picture in austin, texasbaby girl picture in austin, texas

Kelly Gorney - Oh I just LOVE these! What awesome shots!!!!

Jaidean - Love these! Just is just too cute!!

Austin Family Photographer | Catching Up

family pictures in austin, texas

So I’m ridiculously far behind in blogging. Not just a little. But like 10 sessions behind. Somewhere along the line, they stopped being ‘sneak peeks’ since most of my clients have long since seen their galleries. (Side Note: I always put up a sneak peek a few days after my sessions on Facebook. So if you don’t follow me on Facebook, you really should!!) But these families are SO cute and I love these pictures SO much, that I can’t not share them! So over the next week, I’m going to be putting up favorites from my sessions this past November.

First up is the D family. I photographed them last fall when Jack was just 10 months old and crawling…oh my goodness, look at him now!! He was so cute , so expressive, and so very almost-two. It was incredibly foggy the morning of our session, but thankfully they were up for anything and we made the fog work in our favor! D family, thank you so much for trusting me with your photos again this fall! It was great to see y’all!!

family pictures in austin, texasfamily pictures in austin, texasfamily pictures in austin, texasfamily pictures in austin, texasfamily pictures in austin, texas